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Adjustoform 8 Part Leg Form Deluxe - Accessorised from £159.99

Adjustoform 8 Part Leg Form Deluxe Dress Form - Accessorised

A recent addition to the range is the 8 Part Leg Form Deluxe

This exciting new product can be used to fit womens pants/trousers in addition to combining all the standard dress form features. This is the first adjustable form with the versatile options required to complete the wardrobe for todays busy women. The dressform body comes ready to use and the stand takes minutes to assemble.

Our accessorised model now comes with the following:

1 x Black cover
1 x Chalk hem marker

Our best seller!

Please note this model is the 8 part leg form which gives you more adjustment than the 4 Part Leg Form.

  • 12 Adjustment wheels help achieve finite measurements
  • Shaped hips, bottom and thighs for pants/trouser fitting
  • Fabric cover allows easy pinning and marking
  • Easy dial neck
  • Offset column to enable pants/trousers to hang straight
  • Fits trousers, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses etc.
  • Calibrated Pin Grip Hem Marker with basting attachment
  • Fully adjustable waist lenghthening feature
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Free mainland UK delivery (usually next day)
  • Made in the UK Made or assembled in the UK

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Available in four sizes:

Petite: £159.99
Bust 28" to 35" (71-89cm)
Waist 23" to 31" (59-79cm)
Hips 30.5" to 38" (79-97cm)

Small: £159.99
Bust 33" to 41" (84-104cm)
Waist 26" to 33" (66-84cm)
Hips 36" to 44" (91-112cm)

Medium: £159.99
Bust 40-47" to 47" (102-119cm)
Waist 32" to 39" (81-99cm)
Hips 41" to 49" (104-124cm)

Full Figure: £169.99 (Sale Price)
Bust 45" to 53" (97-117cm)
Waist 38" to 46" (97-117cm)
Hips 47" to 54" (119-137cm)

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